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Longbow Bars & Restaurants

Longbow Bars & Restaurants Ltd is a project of passion by Rob Hattersley. Growing up as the son of restauranteurs and wine merchants John & Diane Hattersley, Rob has risen through hospitality ranks in the UK and abroad, undertaking roles in kitchens, bars, nightclubs, cruise liners and hotels before returning to the Peak District.

Throughout his experience, Rob became frustrated that many hospitality businesses would always put profit before anything else, often leading to negative customer experiences and low staff morale.

Longbow Bars & Restaurants puts people at the forefront of the business. We take pride in the quality of fresh food & premium drinks sourced from local suppliers. We are investors in people and believe that the best talent comes from within. We want Longbow venues to be enjoyed and regularly frequented by our satisfied guests and loved by the passionate teams working within them.