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The Spring Menu is Here

At Longbow, we believe that great food is an essential ingredient in creating a memorable pub experience. Our kitchen is a realm of creativity, flavours, and innovation, where traditional favourites meet modern culinary magic. So, foodies, gather ’round as we unveil the mouthwatering magic that graces our plates!



Hearty Classics with a Twist


We’ve taken the classic pub favourites you know and love and added our own signature twist. Picture this: a succulent Beef and Ale Pie that oozes comfort with every bite, or our legendary Fish and Chips, featuring the crispiest golden batter and flaky fish. These dishes pay homage to tradition while embracing the spirit of culinary exploration that defines us.


Global Flavours, Local Love


Travel the world without leaving your seat! Our menu draws inspiration from diverse cuisines, bringing you flavours from every corner of the globe. Imagine indulging in tender Chicken Tandoori that boasts the perfect balance of spices, or savouring the rich and fragrant goodness of our Thai Green Curry. These dishes reflect our commitment to using fresh, local ingredients while crafting dishes that transport your taste buds to far-off lands.


Art on the Plate


We believe that every plate is a canvas waiting to be painted with flavours, colours, and textures. Our chefs are true artists, meticulously arranging each element to create a visual masterpiece that’s almost too beautiful to eat. From the vibrant hues of a Caprese Salad to the intricate layers of a towering burger, every dish tells a story and offers a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.


Crafting Memories, One Bite at a Time


At Longbow, we know that food is more than sustenance; it’s a source of joy, connection, and shared memories. Our pub has witnessed celebrations, reunions, and laughter that resonates through every meal. As you gather around our tables and share a meal with loved ones, you’re adding to the tapestry of memories that make our pub truly special.

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